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Head of School Message

I am very delighted to welcome you to Gemseed Children Academy. It promises to be an experience of a lifetime both for you and your darling gem(s).

Gemseed Children Academy is one school, with a very strong community the parents and the school team and I am immensely grateful for the support and contributions of all our discerning parents especially those who have been with us since the inception of the school (2009).

We have a team of staff and service providers that are dedicated, passionate and professionals who go extra mile for the children and the school.

In a nutshell, Gemseed Children Academy is fast evolving into a big community known for excellence, care for children with emphasis on raising globally and locally relevant citizens.

In line with our tradition of continuous improvement, we have fully embraced digital learning among others in the 21st century skills, this is no small measure is impacting the necessary skills in raising 21st century skills.

This is no small measure is impacting the necessary skills in raising 21st century children.

In Gemseed, education does not only aid academic performance but prepare children for life in the outside world, plant in them an appetite for life-long learning and equip them to become independent and productive citizens of today’s global village.

We assure our community in the coming year, there is more to come, all we need is your collaboration and support to raise children of our dream.

At Gemseed, we value feedback from our stakeholders as part of our open door policy. For recommendations, observations and suggestions which could improve our services, kindly send me a mail at gemseedacademy@gmail.com.

Indeed, the best is yet to come. Gemseed is more than academics. Happy 10th anniversary to this great community.

Thank you!

Mrs. Mary Ohagwasi.

Quick Facts

Students Enrollment

Lower Primary
Upper Primary

Raising globally and locally relevant citizens.


Embracing and upholding best practices in child care and education in the world using modern methods and tools with godly principles through highly motivated professionals.
It is part of our mission to offer high quality Montessori and world class education, providing a safe and conducive environment which supports the learners both within and outside the classroom.
We pride ourselves as being able to groom well rounded pupils who are intellectually, socially and morally sound, able to tackle global challenges in the 21st century

What We Teach

Our Programs

Gemseed Academy School of our choice
Citadel of excellence
We come to your gate
To learn and be moulded
Global and relevant
Is our sole aim
Godliness and hard work is our watchword
School of our choice
We are proud of you
God bless parents of Gemseed School
Giving us the best of school
Thanks to all our teachers
Who lead us aright always
All hail to thee we shout
Hail school of our choice
Cheer, Cheer
Your banner we raise
GEMSEED School we are singing your praise.
Through Lagos State through honour and faith,
For God the country you proclaim,
Though we are many, we all agree
To carry the torch is for unity,
And so we are loyal all we be
GEMSEED school we are all for thee.













All these are entrenched as love.

L –loyalty, learning

O-Outstanding, optimistic

V-Values, vibrance

E-Excellence, empathy


What Parents Say

The excellent teachers have inspired our daughter to set herself goals and achieve. She has loved her time at Gemseed Academy. The strong emphasis on moral and character development, has far exceeded our expectations.

Mr. Ayodele Jefferson

We are impressed with the strong academic focus as well as the values-centred program the school offers. Gemseed Acadeny really cares about the student as a whole and prepares them for the next step in their lives.

Mrs. Lisa Maduka

Gemseed Academy is the best thing we ever did for our sons. We have been more than pleased with the fantastic education our boys are receiving. The teachers obviously love what they do and know how to bring out the best in their students.

Mrs. Jennifer Olatunde


Gemseed Academy offers the best education for your child.


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